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StreamLabs® Control Stops Leaks in Their Tracks

The StreamLabs® Control features patented ultrasonic technology, real-time water monitoring, smart leak detection and more.

Streamlabs Control Smart Home Water Monitor



We spoke with Jeff Long and Scott Hakim of the StreamLabs Marketing Operations team, about the many benefits of StreamLabs® Control. Read on to learn about how it works with other RWC products, and how it can help complete your smart home system.


What problem does the StreamLabs® Control solve?

Most importantly, the StreamLabs® Control gives you the ability to stop leaks. The StreamLabs® Control default setting out of the box is that it will automatically shut off the water. If you’re like the majority of people, you still receive paper bills from your utility company once a month, quarterly, etc., so you  have no idea how much water you’re using. If there’s a leak or a running toilet, you won’t know there’s an issue until you get the bill. With the StreamLabs® Control, you get all your usage stats in real time. The app also shows you comparative usage history, flow data, water pressure data, current water temperature, room temperature, humidity and alert history.

Tell us about the product development of the StreamLabs® Control.

We approached product development from multiple angles. In the beginning stages, we asked ourselves, “What would the consumer want to see as far as features and functionality?” When we spoke with customers, their overwhelming response was that they wanted to be able to shut off the water automatically. We leveraged our knowledge and experience with rough plumbing and as a result, we designed a valve that a valve company would manufacture.

What did you learn?

One thing we found is that people don’t really care about the intricate details of their plumbing system nor did they care to learn. But they do care about their homes and their belongings. Our goal is to eliminate surprises for customers. We want them to not have to worry about their plumbing systems.

What features and benefits would you like to highlight to consumers?

The StreamLabs® Control has a lot of benefits, including alerts for pressure, leaks and freezing water or temperature around the main water line. The app also integrates with Nest and Alexa as part of your smart home ecosystem. Another feature of the StreamLabs® Control is Smart Alerts™, a learning period we ask homeowners to enroll in, where the app records water usage patterns in their home. This learning period enables us to see your “normal” usage and compare this to any water events outside of the norm. This learning period can be re-started at any time as we know usage patterns change depending on season or other factors. Additionally, StreamLabs has a Drip Detect™ feature that allows us to search for very small leaks that would otherwise get missed in normal usage monitoring. Finally, if your power goes out, the StreamLabs® Control has a battery power override feature that allows you to manually open or close the valve.

How do professional plumbers feel about using the StreamLabs® Control on the job?

Professionals like the StreamLabs® Control for a lot of reasons. Mainly, the Control is a full-bore brass body valve meaning there are no flow restrictions. We’ve found that plumbers like to work with brass because they trust it. We know what plumbers want because we’re in the industry and we talk to them on jobsites everyday. All of the features and design of the StreamLabs® Control are proprietary to RWC from the hardware, firmware to finish.    

How does the StreamLabs® Control work with SharkBite fittings and other RWC products as a system?

The StreamLabs® Control is available with Double Union SharkBite and FNPT, and with a size range of ¾’’, 1’’, 1 ¼’’. If you’re using the StreamLabs® Control as part of a system, you can plumb the house with PEX, install the StreamLabs® Control after the PRV, and after the shutoff valve.  

Can you give an example of how the StreamLabs® Control could help someone save money or prevent property damage?

A common misconception about leaks is that if you have one in your house, you will see or hear it.  The fact is that the majority of leaks in the home are “leaks to drain.” These will be your usual suspects -- the running toilet that we’ve all heard coming from the other room, or a leaking shower drain. These “leaks” don’t leave any water on the floor, but they do cost money and add up on your monthly water bills. The other category of leaks, which are larger pipe failures, do leave water on the floor, but at this point it is typically too late and the damage is already done.  The StreamLabs® Control will catch both types of leaks, leaks to drain and catastrophic pipe failure situations and shut-off the water and notify the homeowner.

Where can customers go for support?

We have an amazing support team to answer customer questions. We also have a very robust online community, who can assist you with troubleshooting many issues. You can also access any information you need, through the app. Additionally, you can call us or engage in real time messaging-- all info available on For product information, please visit

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