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Potable PEX-a

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe approved for use in residential and commercial installations.

Reduce Cost, Time and Potential Leak Points

PEX pipe is known for being more cost-effective than traditional rigid piping, but the benefits don’t stop there. PEX-a tubing has superior flexibility that enables faster installations and longer pipe runs, reducing the number of fittings needed for a job. SharkBite’s 25-year warranty and proprietary in-house manufacturing process ensures the highest quality piping.

SharkBite PEX-a is also safe and versatile. You can have peace of mind knowing PEX-a's flexibility makes it more freeze-resistant than rigid piping, and it’s also code-approved for both hot and cold potable plumbing. For more information, here are 10 Facts About PEX Pipe You Need to Know.