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SharkBite & HoldRite Multi-Family New Construction (Carson, CA)


The Challenge

When Rob Cosner and the crew at Dave Williams Plumbing & Electrical were challenged with a 68-unit, five-story build, they sought a solution that would help them finish the job safely and on schedule. Cosner said he had used competitor products on similar projects before, but by far, SharkBite and HoldRite proved to be the most user-friendly and efficient by comparison. “We found that the savings in time was over 50 percent, so we chose to do a whole [plumbing] project with SharkBite EvoPEX™ just for that reason."

We found that the savings in time was over 50 percent.

Rob Cosner, Dave WIlliams Plumbing & Electrical

The Solution

Cosner and his crew used EvoPEX push-to-connect fittings and PEX pipe for the plumbing on all five-stories of the building. The team was able to easily install EvoPEX in every unit and they also used SharkBite universal brass fittings to transition CPVC pipe to PEX where needed.

In addition to SharkBite, Cosner said that HoldRite products helped to save time on this project. The team installed HoldRite's HydroFlame Pro firestops on the deck of the building, the HoldRite TestRite DWV testing system in place of conventional pressure testing methods. Traditional DWV testing requires the use of an inflatable testing ball, which often poses a risk of leaking. “You fill it up and if you have a leak, you have to let the test ball out and then completely fill up the whole system again,” he said. Plus, the risk of leaks is much greater when testing 50 vertical feet of pipe.

"With the TestRite test wedge, we can easily hook up a hose to it and fill it up from anywhere we want to fill it from. If there is a problem, we can drain it at that point. It holds water…no leaks. It makes it so simple to test everything."

The TestRite test wedge also allowed Cosner’s team to inject water at the testing point, which saved time and eliminated the need for the crew to climb high ladders with hoses to fill up a traditional inflatable test ball system.

Overall, Cosner said that being able to complete the job in half the time has created a great opportunity for his crew to use SharkBite and HoldRite products together in the future.

Project Highlights:

  • Building was a 68-unit, five-story residential job.
  • Crew saved 50 percent of their time by using SharkBite EvoPEX, SharkBite Universal, HoldRite HydroFlame Pro and HoldRite TestRite DWV Testing System
  • Cosner confirmed that he will continue to use SharkBite and HoldRite products in the future.
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