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Ohio Plumber Uses SharkBite Max for CPVC Leak Repair

Plumber Matt Budaji stands behind sharkbite max fitting cutout


When a CPVC elbow joint failed in an East Cleveland home around Christmastime in 2023, the residents had a hard time finding a plumber to do the leak repair because of where they lived and their budget. But when plumber Matthew Budaji, owner of KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing, got the call, he was more than happy to take on the task. To fix the pipe and meet the customer’s budget, he reached for SharkBite Max fittings and SharkBite PEX pipe for the pipe repair. 

Fixing a Failed CPVC Joint Within Budget 

After assessing the plumbing issue, Budaji found that the CPVC 90-degree elbow failed because there wasn’t enough cement to hold it together. At the scene, water was spraying everywhere, and the customer had set a brick on the pipe to keep it from completely pulling apart. 


The residents needed a quick fix that could fit within their budget. Given the overhead Budaji keeps for different plumbing situations, SharkBite Max push-to-connect fittings were the most cost-effective method for the CPVC repair. Traditional CPVC cement and repairs would have cost the customer far more in labor. They would’ve had to wait a long time before the issue was solved, too, since it takes an average of 4 hours for cement to completely cure before you can pressurize it.

“SharkBite Max, once connected, is ready to rock and roll,” Budaji said. 

Luckily, KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing always has SharkBite push fittings on their trucks for any instance in which they have to transition from CPVC to another pipe type. To ensure there wouldn’t be a callback for the same section of piping, they used two SharkBite Max couplings to transition to PEX pipe, which accommodated the obstacles around the piping and the uneven flooring. This approach allowed Budaji to fix the issue efficiently while ensuring the repair would last long-term. 


“We were in and out faster than the drive time to get there, testing included,” Budaji said, citing a total of under 25 minutes to arrive, assess, fix and test the plumbing repair. “Square cuts, ream, deburr, join — that simple! The residents were more than thrilled at the end results.”

A Quick Leak Repair Solution That Lasts 

When KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing needs a leak repair solution for their service calls, SharkBite Max fittings are always in their arsenal. SharkBite Max builds on the innovative design of the popular 1st generation push-to-connect fittings to provide double the burst pressure and half the insertion effort.  

We were in and out faster than the drive time to get there, testing included. The residents were more than thrilled at the end results.

Matthew Budaji of KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing

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“We find them as a flawless way transition between [pipe types like] copper, CPVC, PEX,” Budaji said. And since SharkBite Max fittings no longer require a PEX insert, he said they’re also easier to install than other push fittings, especially in tight spaces where you have minimal room to make an error-free connection. “With SharkBite Max fittings, you not only bring value through saving time, but also peace of mind that it's not just a temporary fix or Band-Aid.”  

About KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing 

KJM Emergency HVAC Plumbing is based in Parma, Ohio, and strives to provide “service so good, it’s killer.” Follow them on Instagram at @kjm911plumbing

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