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EvoPEX Ball Valve

Part of the full EvoPEX™ system, push-to-connect PEX valves allow for faster installs, reduce the risk of installation errors and increase productivity. Whether you’re installing new PEX construction or tackling a repipe, EvoPEX ½ in. - 1 in. PEX ball valves are a secure, easy way to allow for quick water shut off during testing or future repairs. They can also be rotated after installation, which makes EvoPEX ball valves ideal for working in tight spaces.

Securely and permanently connect PEX pipe together at an easy shut off point regardless of pipe size (ball valves are available in various sizes to match your jobsite requirements). PEX valves require no special tools (no crimp / clamp / PEX rings), reducing your investment in equipment and increasing productivity. A green visual indicator lets you know when PEX tubing is inserted to the proper depth and reduces the risk of installation errors. 

Features and benefits:
  • Compatible with PEX pipe only.
  • Easy to install with no special tools (no crimp / clamp / PEX rings).
  • Each fitting includes a green visual indicator that displays when PEX pipe is inserted to the proper depth.
  • Approved for underground and behind-the-wall applications with no access panels.
  • Made in USA.
  • 25-year system warranty when used with SharkBite PEX pipe.
  • Patent pending.

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