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5 Reasons to Choose SharkBite EvoPEX for New Builds, Repipes and Remodels


When new builds, repipes and remodels call for the use of PEX pipe, you’ll want to use a compatible connection system that you can trust. That means working with a system that not only lets you install quickly but also provides connections that will last.

Plus, you may not have time to train your staff on a complex system — especially with the current plumbing labor shortage. That’s why many pros, like Steve Rudesill of Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating, are choosing SharkBite’s EvoPEX™ system for their PEX-only jobs.

These plumbing professionals find that EvoPEX gives them:

Greater efficiency on the job site

The EvoPEX system is quick to install because it doesn’t require the use of special tools, soldering, gluing or crimping. You can rotate the fittings after installation for quick alignments, and there’s a minimal learning curve to get started. Just cut the PEX to the desired length, check that the pipe and fittings are free of debris, push the pipe into the fitting firmly and verify that the green indicator is fully visible for a secure connection. That’s it!

Reliable connections

Speaking of the green visual indicator, it’s one of our contractors’ favorite features because there’s no guessing whether you’ve made a successful connection. The fitting shows you in real time.


You can have the same level of assurance when using SharkBite PEX pipe. It’s been around for more than 35 years with over 850 million feet used in North America.

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EvoPEX can be used in a variety of environments, such as:

  • In freezing temperatures. SharkBite PEX is less likely than most other pipe types to burst because of the pipe's ability to expand.
  • Underground. EvoPEX fittings are approved for underground burial, are certified for underground applications without a wrapping material and have a 10-year warranty when buried. Brass EvoPEX fittings (adapters) must have an impervious barrier between the fittings and the surrounding soil. Use a self-fusing, formaldehyde and chloride-free, fully cured silicone tape with a minimum thickness of 0.020 inches.
  • Attics. You may use the system for attic applications with pressures and temperatures of 80 psi at 200° F (93°C), 100 psi at 180° F (82°C) and 160 psi at 73.4°F (23°C) when installed as per the installation instructions and relevant plumbing codes.
  • Concrete. SharkBite PEX pipe can be embedded in concrete, and we recommend protecting it with nonmetallic sleeves when entering or exiting the concrete slab. A larger diameter piece of the pipe also works well in this application. Avoid making connections in concrete. Instead, use a continuous length of PEX pipe within the slab and be sure to check for leaks before pouring concrete. The fittings can be buried underneath the concrete slab, not within the concrete slab itself.

Additionally, PEX pipe can bend around corners, reducing the number of fittings needed. You can also immediately pressure test your installation, but consult your local codes for system testing requirements first. You must complete testing prior to concealing fittings with concrete or by other means, and only use dishwashing liquid soap and water to detect plumbing leaks.

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Durable installations


When it comes down to it, you need confidence that the system you use will last long after installation. EvoPEX fittings and PEX pipe, when used according to our guidelines, include a 25-year system warranty, with 10-year consequential damage coverage to provide years of protection and satisfaction.

When a licensed contractor uses the entire SharkBite plumbing system (the fittings and pipe) together, it has an additional consequential warranty that covers property damage if a manufactured defect is found. The fittings themselves hold a five-year warranty when used with non-SharkBite PEX pipe. They can also be used to transition between PEX-A and PEX-B without issue.


Along with its efficiency, the EvoPEX system stands out to contractors because of the quality of its materials. The fittings themselves are made of chemically-resistant and anti-decay materials, while the PEX pipe is made of cross-linked polyethylene that has the highest possible Chlorine Resistance Rating (Level 5 for Continuous Recirculation Systems) and UV Resistance Rating (Level 3 for 6-month UV Resistance). The whole system is resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup to maintain full water flow and efficient hot water delivery.

Because the EvoPEX fittings and pipe are manufactured in Cullman, Alabama, we have visibility into and control over every part of the production process. This means people like Pat Moore are checking the quality of our raw materials and finished products before they go out to customers, and we know what’s happening at every step of the supply chain. What’s more, production of EvoPEX products supports the local economy.

Trust the Superior PEX-only System

Want a quick and secure way to install PEX? Explore your options for new construction, repipes and remodels with EvoPEX today.