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Testimonial: Multi-Family New Construction Build with SharkBite EvoPEX

Watch Testimonial: SharkBite EvoPEX Cuts Time on Multi-Family New Construction Build | SharkBite Plumbing on YouTube.

The Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating crew saved one-third of their time when they used SharkBite EvoPEX™ on a 35-unit multi-family build. 

Easy Installations with EvoPEX  

My name is Steve Rudesill with Joe Debelak Plumbing and Heating. We're in Germantown, Wisconsin, located roughly about 20 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

I've been a plumber for about 27 plus years. My current project has five or six separate buildings of 35 units each, and now we're doing two, 35-unit buildings. This is probably the 10th building that I’ve used EvoPEX for and I’ve been very happy with the product.  

The primary reason I'm using EvoPEX is because of the speed and reliability of the product, which has saved me about a third on labor. The simplicity of EvoPEX makes it easy and foolproof in my mind. With the green indicator, you know that you have pushed it all the way through. It's easier for the guys in the field who are under a lot of pressure to hurry up and get it done.  

The only tool I need for EvoPEX is a nice, small cutter. That's it. It doesn't take much to learn how to do it, especially with the green indicator. I don’t know why someone wouldn't want to try it because of the ease and the reliability.  

I've had no failed fittings, a hundred percent success on it. That's why I chose to go with this product versus the others. It's fast, quick and reliable. 

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