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SB Max Elbow and Coupling

SharkBite Max FAQs

Have a questions about SharkBite Max? Check out our frequently asked questions.

SharkBite Max FAQs

We redesigned the inside of the fitting, so it no longer requires a PEX tube liner, making installations simpler especially when working on copper and CPVC. When using SharkBite Max polybutylene adapters, a tube liner is included and required on the polybutylene end (gray collar). When using on HDPE SDR-9 pipe, a tube liner is required and needs to be supplied directly from the pipe manufacturer.

No. The newly designed SharkBite Max allows for full flow of water.

The insertion depth for SharkBite Max differs from SharkBite (1st Generation). Reference your correct insertion depth here.

SharkBite Max will be replacing 1st generation fittings in phases. This means you may see a mix of both options on shelves.

If your local store sells out of a certain SKU of SharkBite (1st Generation), it won’t be replenished at that location. Instead, the store will start stocking the SharkBite Max version.

Since stores will start offering SharkBite Max once the 1st generation SKUs have sold out, availability will vary per store. Contact your local distributor or retailer for specific information.  

SharkBite Max is stronger and faster because of a few key upgrades: 

  • A newly designed stainless-steel retainer delivers additional strength and double the burst pressure. 
  • SharkBite Max fittings no longer require a tube liner for PEX applications per ASSE 1061. 
  • A re-engineered body allows you to insert the pipe using less effort for a smoother connection. 

Yes. SharkBite Max is compatible with copper, PEX, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE SDR-9 pipe.

Yes. There’s a specific fitting for transitioning from polybutylene to CTS tubing.  The side of the fitting with the gray collar connects to the polybutylene pipe and has a tube liner while the tan collar will connect to the CTS pipe.

While there isn’t a SharkBite Max PVC transition fitting, 1st generation PVC transition fittings will continue to be available. The side of the fitting with the white collar connects to the PVC pipe and the tan collar will connect to the CTS pipe.

1/2 – 3/4 in. Additional sizes will be available for purchase in the future.

Using feedback from plumbers, we took SharkBite (1st Generation) and made a few enhancements to create SharkBite Max, a stronger and faster version of the industry-leading push-to-connect fitting.

SharkBite Max meets all applicable codes and standards and includes an improved feature set that goes above and beyond base requirements. SharkBite Max certifications include: 

  • ASSE 1061
  • CSA B125.3
  • NSF/ANSI/CAN 372
  • NSF/ANSI 14
  • ASTM E84
  • CAN/ULC S102.2
  • ASTM E119
  • CAN/ULC S101
  • UL 263

Just a little. You don’t need a tube liner for PEX with this fitting — in fact it comes without one.*  The insertion depth for Max fittings is also different. Check out the insertion depth chart here for the appropriate measurements.

*You’ll still need a tube liner when you use SharkBite Max with HDPE SDR-9 pipe, but that should be provided by the tubing manufacturer.

Yes. While all SharkBite brass fittings are designed for long-term use, they can be disconnected using a disconnect clip, tongs, or the pro disconnect tool if necessary. 

Yes, SharkBite Max has a 25-year warranty when properly installed and used with PEX, copper, CPVC and PE-RT pipe. You can get the full details of the warranty here.

Yes. Like all SharkBite brass fittings, SharkBite Max can be buried underground after being wrapped with silicone wrap. It can also be used behind the wall without access panels.

Between 34°F and 200°F (0°C and 93°C).