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How To: Calibrate the PEX Clamp Tool

Watch SharkBite PEX Ratchet Calibration on YouTube.

SharkBite offers a range of PEX barb fittings in both lead-free brass and Acudel polymer. To make sure your connections are secure you must first properly calibrate your tools.

The SharkBite PEX clamp tool has a three-handle design allowing for one-hand gripping. This enables you to keep your other hand free to hold a flashlight, ladder or pipe. The tool works with 3/8 - 1 in. size clamps, and when properly calibrated, it eliminates the need to check each fitting ring with a Go/No-Go gauge, which is included with your tool.

Checking Clamp Tool Calibration

Close the handles of your SharkBite clamp tool to the stop point and insert the Go/No-Go gauge into the jaw gap. If the gauge stops at “No-Go,” then your tool is already properly calibrated. If your tool goes beyond “No,” then you must calibrate your tool.

How to Calibrate Your PEX Clamp Tool

  1. Loosen the adjustment nut with a spanner wrench or screwdriver.
  2. Insert the “Go” portion of the gauge into the jaws of the tool.
  3. Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise until the jaws contact the gauge.
  4. Remove the gauge from the jaws and tighten the adjustment nut.
  5. Recheck with the No-Go gauge and perform a test connection.

After this, your SharkBite clamp tool is properly calibrated. Visually inspect the test connection to double-check. If the connection fails, restart the steps for calibration.

Now you’re ready to install. Watch next: How To: Install PEX Crimp Clamp Fittings


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