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How To: Install PEX Crimp Clamp Fittings

Watch How to Install SharkBite PEX Crimp and Clamp Fittings on YouTube.

SharkBite offers a range of PEX barb fittings in both lead-free brass and acudel polymer for efficient and reliable plumbing or radiant heating applications. Both crimp fitting options can be connected with either copper crimp rings or stainless-steel clamp rings.

How to Install PEX Crimp and Clamp Fittings

  1. Ensure your tools are calibrated correctly. Watch here for instructions on proper calibration: SharkBite PEX ratchet calibration and SharkBite PEX copper crimp calibration.
  2. Cut the PEX pipe as cleanly and squarely as possible and make sure it is free of scratches and debris.
  3. Insert the barb fitting onto the pipe and position the crimp or clamp ring 1/8 or 1/4 in. from the fitting shoulder.

If using a crimp ring:

  1. Position the open jaws of the PEX crimp tool over the center of the crimp ring. Keep the tool at a 90-degree angle to the fitting and close the handles completely.
  2. Verify the connection with the Go/No-Go gauge included with your crimp tool. The Go side of the gauge should tightly slide over the crimp ring connection and the No-Go should not slide over the connection at all.
  3. If the connection test fails, cut the pipe as close to the end of the fitting as possible to minimize pipe loss. If you want to save the fitting, you can use the crimp ring removal tool by cutting on at least two opposing sides of the ring and removing the ring. Ensure your crimp tool is properly calibrated and begin the connection process again.

If using a clamp ring:

  1. Position the open jaws of the PEX clamp tool over the raised ear of the clamp ring and squeeze until completely compressed. The tool will not release until the clamp is fully closed.
  2. To ensure proper installation, visually inspect the clamp for correct closed-ear form.



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