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SharkBite PE-RT & ProLock System Supports Sustainable Building Practices


As today’s construction industry aims its attention toward more sustainable building practices, RWC continues to support and develop environmentally friendly plumbing solutions. This year, SharkBite began merchandising PE-RT tubing -- a welcome addition to RWC’s innovative family of brands. Read on to learn more about PE-RT, its advantages and wide range of applications.

What is PE-RT?

The Plastics Pipe Institute defines PE-RT as: “a polyethylene (PE) resin in which the molecular architecture has been designed such that a sufficient number of tie chains are incorporated to allow operation at elevated or raised temperatures (RT).” This durable tubing provides superior long-term hydrostatic strength at high temperatures, and is commonly used in domestic hot and cold plumbing applications. The European market has benefited from PE-RT for more than 35 years, and in 2003, the tubing was introduced to the North American market.

Green Building Benefits

PE-RT is highly durable, flexible, lightweight and 100% recyclable - an ideal eco-friendly solution on the jobsite. Additionally, PE-RT is resistant to corrosion, chlorine and chloramine, freezing, noise and water hammer, making it a dependable and long-lasting solution that reduces the need to frequently repair or replace installed tubing.

Performance Standards & Applications

PE-RT tubing is approved in all model plumbing and mechanical codes in the United States. PE-RT tubing used in potable water applications is certified to Performance Standard ASTM F2769 and Drinking Water Health Effects Standard NSF/ANSI 61. Compliance with these standards is required for PE-RT tubing to be installed in potable water applications in both the UPC and the IPC. PE-RT tubing is also certified to CSA B137.18, which is the Canadian equivalent to ASTM F2769. PE-RT tubing carries a CL5 classification for oxidative resistance to hot chlorinated water, meaning it is acceptable for use in continuous recirculation hot water systems up to 140℉.

SharkBite currently offers PE-RT for potable water systems in residential and commercial applications. PE-RT is approved in all model plumbing and mechanical codes in the United States. PE-RT connections require no flames or heating and can be easily installed as a system with our ProLock™ push-to-connect products. Our PE-RT tubing has a 25-year warranty when used with ProLock, and is sold exclusively at The Home Depot.