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See What’s Inside a SharkBite Max™ Fitting

SharkBite Max coupling with PEX and copper

For more than two decades, SharkBite® has been the industry leader in developing new products that make plumbing installations more productive, cost-effective and efficient. The launch of SharkBite Max™ fittings falls in line with that track record, as we always strive to make the best better.

We looked to plumbing pros to share their feedback, and after much research, we’ve added a few extra features to the SharkBite (1st Generation) fitting you know to make installations run even smoother. Take a look inside a new SharkBite Max coupling to see the difference and how each component supports your installations.

Inside a SharkBite Max Fitting

Though a SharkBite Max fitting shares a lot of the same features as its 1st generation predecessor, it does come with enhancements and design adjustments.

SB Fitting Cutaway Callouts

What’s Different About SharkBite Max?

With some re-engineering and a few additions, the new design helps your installations go even smoother. Here’s what’s new:

  • Stainless steel retainer. A reinforced stainless steel retaining collar around the brass body delivers additional strength and double the burst pressure compared to the 1st generation fitting.
  • Less insertion effort. When installing SharkBite Max fittings, half the insertion effort is needed to make a connection compared to the original SharkBite fittings.
  • No PEX stiffener. The SharkBite Max design doesn't include a tube liner for PEX installations while SharkBite (1st Generation) fittings have one built in.
  • Insertion depth. How far you need to push a fitting onto piping in order to make a sound connection is different for SharkBite Max and 1st generation fittings, so be sure to check the depth chart to install properly

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What Is the Same?

The new products meet the same level of quality, reliability and code requirements as SharkBite (1st Generation) fittings and share many of the same design elements, including:

  • Body. SharkBite Max couplings are still designed with a lead-free DZR brass body which makes them strong, corrosion-resistant and durable. They’re also certified to ASSE 1061, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 and meet national plumbing codes.
  • Release collar. Once the pipe is inserted into the fitting, it passes through the SharkBite release collar. If you need to disconnect a SharkBite Max fitting, it now takes less effort to do so using a disconnect clip or disconnect tongs.
  • Grab ring. After the release collar, the pipe then passes through the stainless steel 316 grab ring, which has “teeth” that are angled to allow pipe to push through but not pull out. This allows for tool-free pipe insertion and a strong, secure connection.
  • O-ring. Next, the pipe is aligned with the SharkBite o-ring, a chloramine-resistant EPDM o-ring that compresses between the pipe and the wall of the fitting before it reaches the tube stop.
  • Tube stop. Once the pipe reaches this point, you’ve made a secure connection.
  • Shark marking. Every official SharkBite Max product has a laser etching of a shark on the stainless-steel collar. This mark ensures that you do not have a "fake bite.”

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SB vs SB Max_Look for the Shark

What Are the Capabilities of SharkBite Max?

You can use these fittings in similar applications as SharkBite (1st Generation) fittings. They also share the same abilities that provide the versatility you need for quick plumbing installations.

Plumbing applications

  • Residential and commercial potable water.
  • Recirculation.
  • Hydronic heating and cooling with up to 50% glycol concentration.

Streamlined installation

  • No special tools required.
  • Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE pipe.
  • Can be installed in wet or dry lines and be pressure tested immediately.
  • Can be rotated after installation for quick adjustments.

Approvals and listings

  • Can be installed underground (after wrapping with silicone wrap) and behind the wall without access panels.
  • Lab-tested and code-approved.

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