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Blue PEX-A Pipe (Coils)

Faster installation compared to rigid pipe. Flexibility to bend pipe around corners. Available in coils up to 100 feet in length, allowing longer runs and fewer connections while reducing cost, time and potential leak points. Freeze-resistant pipe can expand slightly if frozen and contract when thawed. Ideal for hot and cold potable water distribution, fire protection and municipal water service lines.

Features and benefits:
  • PEX-A offers the highest-rated flexibility and six-month UV resistance.
  • Approved for water service lines and burial applications including being buried under concrete.
  • Approved for use with SharkBite EvoPEX™, SharkBite Brass Push (ASSE 1061), poly and brass expansion fittings (ASTM F1960), plastic barb (ASTM F2159) and brass barb (ASTM F1807) fittings.
  • Certified to meet ASTM F2023 oxidative-resistance requirements for continuous hot water recirculation.
  • Minimum working temperature: 33°F @ 160 psi. Maximum working temperature: 200°F @ 80 psi.
  • Maximum working pressure: 160 psi @ 33°F - 70°F.

How to Install PEX-a Expansion Fittings

A step-by-step guide to creating a secure connection on PEX pipe using brass and poly expansion fittings.

Watch How to Install PEX-a Expansion Fittings on YouTube.

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