SharkBite® Barb Connection System - Training Video

How to properly use SharkBite crimp and clamp fittings.

An overview of the SharkBite Barb Connection system and how to secure the connection with both crimp and clamp methods.


Welcome to SharkBite Training videos. My name is Craig and in this video I'm going to explain how to correctly install SharkBite Barb fittings. There are 2 types of barb connections, crimp and clamp. I'll show you how to use both correctly.

Crimp System

The crimp system uses copper crimps to connect PEX pipe to SharkBite barb fittings and is very cost effective, especially for large jobs.

First, cut the PEX pipe to length, making a good square cut.

Slide the correct sized crimp ring onto the tube, about 2 inches from the end, I'll be using 1/2" sizes for this demonstration.

Push the PEX tube onto the barb fitting until it touches the fitting shoulder.

Slide the crimp ring to about 1/8 to 1/4" from the tube end, so you know the crimp ring is directly over the barbs on the fitting.

Place the correct sized crimp tool over the crimp ring and squeeze fully.

Use a go/no-go gauge to check that the connection is correct. The go-side gauge slot that fits the crimp ring should slide easily onto the compressed crimp ring. Also check that the no-go side does not slide over the crimp ring, if it does, re-calibrate your tool.

If you find that the crimp is not correct, re-do the connection by first cutting the PEX as close to the fitting as you can, then using the crimp cutting tool, cut the crimp twice, once on each side of the crimp, and it will release. If you find that multiple crimps are incorrect, re-calibrate your crimping tool.

A handy tip for those doing many connections at one time, check your first and last connections with the gauge as a minimum, that way you know that all your connections are correct.

Clamp System

The clamp system uses stainless steel clamps that won't rust or corrode and can be used for well systems. Only one sized tool is needed for installation.

First cut the SharkBite PEX to length with a good clean square cut.

Like the crimp system, slide the correct sized clamp ring onto the tube, about 2 inches from the end.

Push the PEX tube onto the barb fitting until it reaches the fitting shoulder.

Slide the clamp ring back to within 1/8" and ¼" from the end of the tube, so you know that the clamp ring is directly over the barbs of the fitting.

Position the clamp tool over the raised tabs on the clamp and squeeze.

The tool is designed so you can't remove it until the clamp ring is completely compressed. If the tool is properly calibrated, you don't need a go/no-go gauge.

Visually check the clamp tab for a good, straight, tight connection. If you find that the clamp connection is not correct, re-do the connection.

This can be done by first cutting the PEX off, then using a pair of pliers, straighten the small tab on the clamp, and use a flat head screwdriver to lift the flap over the tab, then slide the clamp off.

Remember, you can use any kind of insulation with SharkBite PEX pipe, as long as it is not petroleum-based. It can be used with heat tape and buried underground.

My name is Craig, and you've just been trained in SharkBite Barb Fittings.