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Multi-Family New Construction (Germantown, WI)


The Challenge

Like most plumbers, Steve Rudesill of Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating, wanted to save time, labor and tool costs during a multi-family new construction project. The Saxony Village construction site, located in Germantown, WI, consisted of six apartment buildings, each containing 35 units.

The crew was hired to install plumbing in all of the buildings, while utilizing a solution that could withstand the below-freezing winter temperatures that are common in Germantown. Rudesill said that he avoids using the expansion method because pipes don’t return to their original form as quickly in extreme weather. He added that he was also wary of crimping, due to the high number of failures he had seen with that method.

Tool cost was another issue Rudesill had to manage. According to him, tools are often expensive to purchase, and can get easily lost, damaged or broken, causing additional money spent and time wasted during a project. So, the team needed a solution that would allow them to finish their job on time, without the added expense of tools.

We've had 100% success and no failed fittings with SharkBite EvoPEX™.

Steve Rudesill, Department Manager of Multi-Family Division for Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc

The Solution

Rudesill was already familiar with SharkBite, and he had used the products on other projects prior to Saxony Village. He said that he continues to choose SharkBite products because they are fast, durable and reliable. “We’re under pressure to hurry up and get done, so the guys in the field like the speed and ease of SharkBite EvoPEX,” he said.

Additionally, Rudesill mentioned that he likes the “no-tools” feature of SharkBite products. “All I need is a small cutter to cut the pipe straight,” he said.

Overall, the crew at Joe DeBelak Plumbing & Heating says they are happy with their decision to use SharkBite EvoPEX. “It’s a time-saver. We saved about 1/3 of the time when it came to rough-in,” Rudesill said. “We’ve had 100% success and no failed fittings with EvoPEX.”

Project Highlights:

  • Saxony Village project consisted of six 35-unit buildings.
  • Crew saved 1/3 of their time on labor during the Saxony Village build.
  • Rudesill has used SharkBite on 11 projects with no failed fittings.
Watch Testimonial: SharkBite EvoPEX Cuts Time on Multi-Family New Construction Build | SharkBite Plumbing on YouTube.