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Master Plumber Uses SharkBite Fittings for Faster Service and Superior Quality

Plumber uses SharkBite fittings for outdoor install.


For a residential plumbing service job in Sharpsburg, Georgia, Two7 Plumbing was tasked with running a new water line to a customer’s crawl space for a new garden spigot. Owner and licensed master plumber Peter Joseph not only wanted to provide a high-quality installation, but he also needed to use his time wisely and put minimal strain on his body. That meant spending as little time in the crawl space as possible. As a longtime customer of RWC, he chose multiple SharkBite products for the job since he’s relied on their quality for years. Keep reading to discover the end result.

A Multi-Step Outdoor Plumbing Installation

For this job, the customer wanted Two7 Plumbing to complete a few installations. First, they needed Joseph to run a new line in the outdoor crawl space for a new garden spigot. Then, they wanted him to provide a valve with garden hose threads under the deck so they could connect an outdoor sink above using a garden hose. The customer’s plan was to cut an access panel into their deck floor and use this valve to connect to their future exterior faucet. Lastly, the plumbing installation needed to tie in all existing spigots that were on their outdated well water system to their new city supply system.

Joseph’s priority was to provide a quality installation that checked all these boxes. Multiple locations under the home required Joseph to connect to existing CPVC and PVC, but he didn't want to spend too long on the job waiting for solvent cement connections to dry either. To fulfill both goals, he needed plumbing fittings and valves that were versatile, quick to install and reliable.

SharkBite Fittings and Valves: The Key to a Quick and Flexible Installation

Given the primary pipe type involved, Joseph chose SharkBite push-to-connect fittings to keep the outdoor plumbing installation efficient. With ¾ in. SharkBite PVC couplings and ¾ in. SharkBite tees, he could make connections to and between PEX pipe in the crawl space without needing to wait on solvent weld fittings to fully cure.

Another reason he chose SharkBite fittings was to achieve the under-deck installation. Rather than opt for a traditional garden spigot, he and the customer agreed to use one of SharkBite's washing machine straight valves. By doing so, Joseph was able to provide a system with the connection style the customer wanted, rigidly securing it underneath the deck and providing easy access to the threads as well as the valve’s handle. A standard garden spigot, in this particular situation, wouldn’t have been able to deliver all those things.

Two7 Plumbing outdoor installation using SharkBite fittings


A Top-Notch System Installed Quickly and Safely

When Two7 Plumbing uses SharkBite fittings, they're usually connecting to existing CPVC within a home for residential plumbing service jobs. This allows them to offer faster service and restore the customer’s water quicker. That was true of this outdoor plumbing job in Sharpsburg, too, which took three hours to complete. By using push-to-connect fittings for the different PVC and CPVC sections of piping, the plumbing company reduced its job site time by about two hours, nearly cutting the typical on-site time in half.


I have been utilizing the RWC family of brands for years on my jobs. I am confident when using their products because I know that they are all designed with quality as the top priority. This gives me peace of mind when performing my jobs for my customers.

Peter Joseph, owner of Two7 Plumbing

About Two7 Plumbing

Two7 Plumbing is a family-owned residential plumbing company located south of metro Atlanta in Newnan, Georgia. The company offers everything from water heater installations to pipe repairs and water line replacements. Owner Peter Joseph is a second-generation plumber with over 20 years of experience. Read his career story to get to know him better.