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Brass Crimp Frost Free Sillcock

SharkBite Brass Crimp frost-free sillcocks are outdoor hose faucets for use in residential or commercial applications. The shut-off is located at the inlet of the sillock to help resist water freezing in the valve. Sillcocks are equipped with an integral vacuum breaker to prevent back siphonage, an integrated check valve to prevent backflow and a mounting flange to secure the valve.

Features and benefits:
  • Barbed Connections: Compatible with PEX and PE-RT tubing.
  • Integrated Vacuum Breaker: Provides back siphonage protection.
  • Integrated Check Valve: Provides backflow protection. Valve seat located near inlet connection to provide freeze resistance.
  • Built-in mounting flange and include siding wedge for ease of mounting and ensures proper mounting angle for draining.
  • Chrome Plated Body Construction: Sleek chrome finish for an attractive appearance.
  • Available Backflow and 8 in. or 12 in. Stem Repair Kits for serviceability.

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