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How To: Install SharkBite Outdoor Hose Bibb Or Sillcock

How To: Install SharkBite Outdoor Hose Bibb or Sillcock Video Transcript:

Installing a new hose bibb? Or need to replace your existing Frost Free Sillcock? SharkBite offers a range of hose bibbs, garden valves, and frost free sillcocks.

To start your installation, begin by preparing your pipe. Cut the pipe as cleanly and squarely as possible, ensuring the pipe is free of scratches and debris. If you are handling copper pipe, remove any sharp edges or burrs.

Next, use your SharkBite Depth & Deburr tool to measure and mark the insertion depth on your pipe. You can find the insertion depth chart here.

For garden valves, connect your pipe to the valve by pushing the valve to the insertion mark you just made on the pipe. Attach the valve using the mounting bracket to a post or wall. And you’re done.

For a hose bibb or frost free sillcock, push a piece of PEX, Copper, C-PVC or PE-RT pipe into the SharkBite fitting. The piece of pipe must be long enough to penetrate the foundation or wall as well as have excess length for your connection.

Next, insert the pipe attached to the hose bibb through the opening in the wall from the outside. Connect your pipe to the water supply line.

Finally, secure your faucet flange to the wall using two fasteners ensuring the outlet spout is pointed downward. Now, turn on your water and check the connection.

Using SharkBite is Fast, Efficient, and Reliable.