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Testimonial: Sweeney Plumbing & Remodeling

Watch Testimonial: Residential New Construction Job Using SharkBite EvoPEX and HoldRite on YouTube.

By using SharkBite EvoPEX™ and HoldRite, we cut our install time in half.

Russel Sweeney, Sweeney Plumbing & Remodeling

Jacksonville Beach is big city meets country community. We have a big blend of cultures around here as well as a big surfing and skating community. We have big business guys who come down here and retire so it's a pretty easy going atmosphere.

My name is Russel Sweeney with Sweeney Remodeling and Plumbing. We are in South Jax Beach, plumbing a new construction custom home that's about 3,000 square foot. In this residential area, we are starting to see a bunch of tear downs and rebuilds because the area is growing up so quickly. Right now we are three or four blocks off the beach. If you were to walk over there, there would be hundreds of people flocking on and off the beach all day long.

Everything that we're using today is HoldRite or EvoPEX. We're using the HoldRite bracket for all of our stub outs underneath the lavatories and water closers and we're using Shark Bite females and male adapters for all of our mechanical fittings, like shower valves and such. On this job, I'll need a drill, a paddle bit and a pair of cutters. That's it! It's pretty easy.

There's no getting up and down ladders with fitting trays, no glue cans, which means no fumes. There aren't a lot of things that you have to carry up into the ceiling here so it's pretty simple. Although the fitting cost ends up running me more, I use dramatically less fittings because of the fact that we're able to just bend the PEX wherever we really want to go. I actually save on material costs and it has probably cut my install time down about in half. It's been a huge gain.

EvoPEX was brought to my attention and I was all for exploring other changes. After the first couple of houses, it was very, very easy to make the total dive in switch because EvoPEX allows me to either pick up more jobs or not have to struggle or fight to bring on new technicians to help keep the pace going.

What we sell our clients, what we provide them, is a full Shark Bite system. Everything in the house is a Shark Bite product up to the angle stops under the sinks. SharkBite has a great warranty so I can stand behind it. I can tell homeowners that I am putting the leading product on the market in their home from start to finish.