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Miracle Mechanical and SharkBite Provide Free Plumbing Repairs to Georgia Family

Watch Miracle Mechanical: Holliday Family on YouTube.

What is Miracle Mechanical?

Brent and Kathleen Ridley are a plumbing duo that started Tool Pros, a channel dedicated to trade- and tool-related demos and reviews. Brent is a licensed HVAC and plumbing contractor who also hosts a podcast that interviews pros in the field.  

After the 2020 pandemic, this husband-and-wife team wanted to help people find hope, so they created Miracle Mechanical, a program that provides free HVAC and plumbing services for those in need by partnering with select sponsors. These plumbing projects are for anyone who cannot afford to call a professional but has serious plumbing issues in their home.  

Brent and Kathleen hope to grow the program, and they believe that by filming it, more sponsors will help them in this effort. SharkBite is the proud sponsor of a fall 2023 installation in Georgia and supports Miracle Mechanical’s mission to provide plumbing services where they’re needed most.  

Cheryl Holliday’s Story 

Cheryl Holliday has lived in her Lawrenceville home for 45 years, but 10 years ago, her shower floor cracked. Although she tried temporary repairs, her shower developed mold and the mats used to cover the crack were too slick to stand on. Cheryl and her son soon called a plumber, but after her son was denied disability, they could not afford the repairs.  

Cheryl’s son battled severe asthma his whole life, and after the attacks came back in his 30s, he was unable to work. Although he had a disability, he always took care of his mom by trimming the bushes and taking care of the yard — work that left him exhausted.  

After his passing, Cheryl kept her hope by being a mother and grandmother and showing up for her family. This means she put her own needs aside at times, but Miracle Mechanical wanted to change that by providing a new shower, toilet, and sink for her bathroom.  

About the Plumbing Repairs

Miracle Mechanical used SharkBite PEX-a pipe and expansion fittings to install this new shower. Their team of plumbers cut out the old shower and installed a new valve and body, adding a converter and handheld for easy use.  

The shower valve and converter are connected using the SharkBite PEX-a and expansion system too. They used SharkBite fittings, rings, and pipe, which means the whole system is protected by the 25-year warranty. This new system provides more options for contractors and is a big time-saver while you’re on the job.  

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Featured Products 


PEX-a pipe. These pipes reduce cost, time, and potential leak points with superior flexibility that enables faster installations and longer pipe runs. This cross-linked polyethylene pipe is approved for use in residential and commercial installations.  

Expansion. This expansion plumbing system is corrosion-resistant and made from high-performance Acudel polymer. Fittings are available in multiple sizes and certified for use in potable water and hydronic heating systems.

PRO PEX cutters. This new generation of pipe cutters is designed to safely cut PEX pipe straight and flat. With replaceable blades, these cutters make installations fast and hassle-free. 

How to Use Expansion