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Testimonial: SharkBite EvoPEX and HoldRite Multi-Story Residential Installation

Watch Testimonial: SharkBite EvoPEX & HOLDRITE Multi-Story Residential Installation on YouTube.

Hi, I'm Rob Cosner with Dave Williams Plumbing and Electrical. I've been in the industry about 30 years.  

We're here in Carson, California doing a 68-unit, five-story building. We're doing a complete plumbing system on this building. On our deck, we’ve used the HoldRite HydroFlame Pro. We're using all SharkBite EvoPEX on every unit, everything from showers to tubs and more; everything is going to be EvoPEX out here.  

We did a test run on another project and put a couple of units up against another competitor. We found that the savings in time were at least over 50%, so we chose to do a whole project with it just for that reason.  

The SharkBite fittings we're using will transfer over from CPVC to the EvoPEX system. They go in easily and make the process simple. Most of our projects are cast iron either hung waste or waste from a slab on grade.  

We use the HoldRite HydroFlame Pro on all our projects, and it’s easy. We don't have to hire an outside source to firestop everything. We've found that TestRite products from HoldRite make it so simple to test everything. The typical cast iron test tees we've used in the past require a test ball with air. When you fill it up and have a leak, you have to let the test ball out and then completely fill up the whole system again.  

One of the best TestRite products is the Test Wedge. We can easily hook up a hose to it and fill it up anywhere we want. If there is a problem, we can drain it at that point. They hold water, so there are no leaks, and it makes the product so simple to use. For as many years as we’ve used HoldRite, there’s never been a problem. I'll continue to use them on all my projects. 

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