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How To: Wrap SharkBite Fittings for Underground Installation


Hi, I'm Patrick with SharkTech Academy. I'm a master plumber, and today we're going to talk about the new wrap for SharkBite fittings.

As you may already know, our SharkBite fittings are made of brass, which is susceptible to corrosion when exposed to severe ground conditions. Any underground application of SharkBite fittings must be wrapped in order to maintain the 25 year warranty.

I'm going to lay the pipe in place and measure to see how much tape I need. I want to cover at least one inch up onto the pipe, before I start over the fitting, and I'm going to overlap a minimum of a half-inch all the way around. I'll continue to wrap until I get at least an inch on the other side. Now I know how much tape I need.

We're ready to wrap our fitting. We want to start at least an inch up onto the pipe, and then we want to overlap at least a half-inch of tape all the way around the fitting as we go. Peel the protective seal as we go. Then wrap around the pipe at least an inch up onto the pipe, and we're good to go.

Our silicone wrap will bond to itself in a matter of minutes, and will cement in a couple of hours. Now we're ready to backfill. We want to make sure that our dirt is free of rocks and debris that could damage the pipe through abrasion or impact.

Our pipe is covered up and our ditch is sealed. Always remember to consult your local code for specific applications.