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How To: Install SharkBite ProLock Twist-to-Lock Fittings

Watch How To Install SharkBite ProLock Twist-to-Lock Plumbing Fittings (NEW!) on YouTube.

The SharkBite ProLock plumbing system features a twist-to-lock design that is compatible with SharkBite PE-RT and PEX pipe. The revolutionary design of ProLock fittings provides added security and confidence with each install.

How To Install SharkBite ProLock Twist-to-Lock Fittings

Note: Be sure to shut off the water supply to the area in which you’re working and depressurize the system before getting started.

  1. Cut the pipe squarely to your desired length. Feel the end of the pipe and be sure it is free of burrs and sharp edges.
  2. Insert the pipe fully into the fitting until it stops.
  3. Turn the locking collar a quarter-turn clockwise to the lock position. The arrow indicator marks on the fitting will align, and an audible click will be heard.
  4. End stops or caps are locked in place once the pipe is fully inserted. There is no rotating locking collar.

How to Disconnect SharkBite ProLock Twist-to-Lock Fittings

  1. Turn the collar counterclockwise until it hits the stop point.
  2. With the pipe and fitting between your index and middle finger, depress the collet against the fitting. It may be necessary to push the pipe toward the fitting before removing it to release the stainless-steel gripping teeth.
  3. Once removed, you can adjust your pipe or fitting and repeat the installation process.

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