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How To: Install Crimp or Clamp Supply Stops

Watch How to Install a SharkBite Crimp Supply Stop Valve for PEX Pipe on YouTube.

The following instructions walk through how to install a clamp supply stop valve on to a 1/2 in. PEX stub-out. You can use these same steps for a crimp connection.

Getting Started

Determine if the stub-out comes out of the wall or floor.

  • If your stub-out comes out of the wall, you’ll need an angle stop valve.
  • If your stub-out comes out of the floor, a straight stop valve is required.

Once this is determined, shut off the main water supply (or just the area in which you’re working) and relieve pressure by opening a nearby faucet to drain the supply lines. If necessary, disconnect any supply lines and remove old valves.

Some plumbing applications only need one stop valve, while others could need two. Getting the right number of valves before starting any project is best practice.

How To Install Crimp and Clamp Supply Stops

  1. Cut the PEX stub-out squarely, leaving enough pipe to insert the supply stop.
  2. Slide the SharkBite crimp or clamp ring onto the PEX stub-out.
  3. Insert the valve into the PEX pipe and align it with the fixture.
  4. Position the ring 1/8 in. or 1/4 in. from the end of the PEX pipe to be sure it is sealed properly.
  5. Using the appropriate calibrated tool, crimp or clamp the ring onto the pipe.
  6. The SharkBite PEX crimp/clamp tool will not release from the tab until the ring is fully tightened.
  7. Install the faucet or toilet connector from the stop valve to the fixture.
  8. Hand-tighten the nut until snug.
  9. Next, use a wrench to tighten a quarter turn. Be sure not to overtighten.
  10. Turn the stop valve to the open position and restore the water supply.
  11. Lastly, check for any leaks or loose connections.

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