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How To: Install Compression Supply Stops

Watch How to Install a SharkBite Compression Stop Valve on YouTube.

SharkBite supply stops are ideal for installing in tight spaces. Learn to install a compression supply stop valve on a 1/2 in. copper stub-out. Use a compression angle stop or a straight stop valve to make the connections quicker with SharkBite.

Prepare for Installation

  • Before you begin, check to see if your stub-out comes out of the wall or floor. Use an angle stop valve for wall applications and a straight stop valve for floor applications.  
  • Check to see if you will need one or two stop valves.  

Installation Steps

  1. Shut off the water supply by using the main water shut-off to the structure. Open a nearby faucet to continue to relieve pressure and drain the supply line.  
  2. If necessary, disconnect any remaining supply lines and remove old stop valves.
  3. Cut the copper stub out squarely and clean and deburr by using emery cloth and a deburr and gauge tool.
  4. Slide the nut and compression sleeve onto the pipe followed by the valve until it bottoms out.  
  5. Align the valve with the fixture. While holding the valve, press tightly against the pipe and hand-tighten the nut until snug.  
  6. Using a wrench, tighten a 3/4 in. turn. Be sure not to overtighten.
  7. Install your faucet or toilet connector from the stop valve to your fixture.  
  8. Hand-tighten the nut until snug, then using a wrench, tighten 1/4 in. turn. Be careful not to overtighten.  
  9. Turn your stop valve to the open position, then open the main water supply.
  10. Check to see that there are no leaks or loose connections.

SharkBite is fast, efficient and reliable. We offer supply connections for faucets, toilets, refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers and humidifiers.  

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