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Reliance Worldwide Corporation Adds 100 New Products to SharkBite & Cash Acme Offering

New SharkBite products

ATLANTA – Oct. 2, 2017–Reliance Worldwide Corporation (ASX:RWC), a premier manufacturer of plumbing and water control systems marketed and sold under the SharkBite Plumbing Solutions, Cash Acme™ and HoldRite™ brands, has added 100 new products to the SharkBite™ and Cash Acme lines across 23 product categories, including Hose Bibbs, Frost Free Anti-Siphon Sillcocks, Gate Valves, Garden Valves, Supply Connection Kits, 45⁰ Elbows, Slip Adapters, PVC Caps and Ball Valves, Washing Machine Valves, Home Run Manifolds, Multi-Port Tees, and Large Diameter Barb Fittings.

Building on the SharkBite EvoPEX™ system launch earlier this year – an evolutionary push-to-connect plumbing system for new construction – and the recent acquisition of HoldRite, RWC’s portfolio of brands are continuing to stay at the forefront of pioneering new solutions for helping the trade improve jobsite efficiency.

“The latest additions to the SharkBite portfolio further support our brand commitment of providing a complete, end-to-end plumbing solution from meter to fixture, from a single source,” said Sean McClenaghan, CEO, RWC USA. “We continue to transform the industry by offering innovative and accessible solutions that address the real world challenges that plumbers, builders, remodelers and other professionals encounter every day. Through our relentless drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the plumbing industry, we’re able to consistently deliver strong value to our customers while making their lives easier. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.”

Included in the newest SharkBite & Cash Acme product offerings are the following:

  • Valves – Temperature & pressure relief valve, thermostatic mixing valves, PVC ball valves, hose bibbs, gate valves, garden valves, anti-siphon frost free sillcock, dual check valves, boiler feed valve
  • Brass / Transition Fittings – 45⁰ elbows and 45⁰ street elbows, NPT elbow, slip adapters, PVC end caps
  • Supply Connections – Dual outlet stop angle valve, straight and angle washing machine valves, faucet and toilet supply lines with Click Seal connectors and push-to-connect supply stop
  • Tees / Manifolds – 3 and 4-port copper multiport tees (open and closed options), home run manifold, manifold bracket set
  • Radiant Heating – Radiant manifold actuator, wire mesh PEX clips, PEX foam twist clips, PEX slab support elbow
  • Kits – Toilet, faucet, shower and dishwasher installation kits; pressure test kit for hydronic radiant heating systems

Additional information on the new products is available here. View high resolution images of the new products.