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SharkBite Partners with Miracle Mechanical to Provide Plumbing Repairs for Georgia Family 

Watch Miracle Mechanical: Holliday Family on YouTube.

In fall 2023, SharkBite teamed up with Miracle Mechanical to help a family in metro Atlanta receive essential plumbing repairs for free.  

In her Lawrenceville, Georgia, home since 1979, Cheryl Holliday, after encountering a personal loss, didn’t have the means to repair the cracked, moldy bottom of her shower, nor the faulty toilet and rotted sink in her main bathroom.  

In September 2023, SharkBite was able to help by supplying the PEX-a piping and expansion fittings needed for the Miracle Mechanical team to install a brand-new shower. The plumbing crew also used SharkBite Max fittings and supply stops to replace the toilet and sink.

"I won’t have the fear of going in the bathroom and it being flooded from the toilet. No more worries like that,” Holliday said. “I just couldn't believe that someone out there was willing to come in my home and help us for nothing.” 

just couldn't believe that someone out there was willing to come in my home and help us for nothing.

Cheryl Holliday

Founded in 2021, Miracle Mechanical is an initiative that completes major HVAC and plumbing repairs for families and individuals in need with the help of corporate sponsors. Brent and Kathleen Ridley, the couple behind Miracle Mechanical, select a recipient or family and work with brands to get the materials and funds to replace or fix their plumbing and HVAC systems. Previous recipients have included disabled veterans, the elderly and families facing hardship due to uncontrollable circumstances.

SharkBite is committed to supporting efforts to both elevate the plumbing trade and use it as a force for good in our community. Learn more about our other partnerships below. 

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