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EvoPEX System Comparison

Watch Save Installation Time With SharkBite® EvoPEX™ on YouTube.

Take a look at how the SharkBite EvoPEX™ system’s simple installation compares to crimp, expansion, sweat and press installations.

Faster and simpler than other PEX and traditional plumbing systems, EvoPEX is an easy choice for contractors and specifiers who want to save time without sacrificing quality. Watch how EvoPEX wins out in time trials against expansion, sweat, crimp and press installations. Also learn the different features of EvoPEX versus crimp and expansion. Made in the U.S., EvoPEX, when used with SharkBite PEX, has a 25 year warranty. Plus, it’s a meter-to-fixture system, so you have all the parts you need for rough-in installation of a potable water plumbing system.

PEX System Comparison

When given the choice of a range of fittings, plumbers choose EvoPEX again and again. See how EvoPEX proves quicker and more reliable on the job site.

No tools required to make fitting connection that can cause install error.X  
No calibration/maintenance required for function of tool.X  
No grooves in the tubing caused by the expansion tool that can create potential leak paths.XX 
No heat gun needed for install in cold conditions.XX 
Visual indicator for assurance of proper fitting connection.X  
High performance polymer with great chemical and chloramine resistance.XX 
No potential for leaks caused by nicks on the fitting exterior.X  
Fitting manufactured in the USA.X  
Immediate pressure testingXX 
25 Year System WarrantyXX 
No rings required for proper fitting connectionX  
Easy install with minimal learning curve for new laborersX