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4 SharkBite Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures for Quicker Remodels


Guest and master bathrooms are the second- and third-most popular place in the home for remodels following the kitchen, according to a 2019 report on renovation trends. At the International Builders’ Show 2020, experts predicted that residential remodeling will gradually grow over the next two years.

This demand is encouraging for plumbers, but with the labor shortage as a main concern for remodelers, completing jobs efficiently as well as accurately is crucial. Getting in and out of a customer’s home quickly also minimizes homeowner inconvenience, which is a big priority considering pandemic safety precautions. It’s more important than ever to use plumbing fixtures and fittings that make the job easier without sacrificing reliability.

Bathroom Plumbing Products & Fixtures

Whether you’re working on rough-in plumbing for a new basement bathroom or converting a tub to a shower in a master bath remodel, SharkBite’s products make cleaner, faster installations. Here are some of our pros’ favorite bathroom remodeling products and options you can recommend to your customers to make their bathroom experience better.

Each SharkBite bathroom plumbing product boasts:

  • No special tools or techniques.
  • Compatibility with multiple pipe types.
  • Ease of use in tight spaces.
  • Easy installation in wet lines so you don’t have to wait for pipes to dry.

1. Supply Stops

When swapping out specific fixtures during the remodel, you may experience the common issue of a faulty stop valve that still drips after you shut it off. This requires you to shut off water to the whole house to replace that stop valve, which can be an inconvenience to homeowners, especially if they’re working from home. The fastest way to install a new one and turn the water back on is with a push-to-connect supply stop that takes only a few seconds to install.

Trend to know: Exposed Bathroom Plumbing

While exposed shower pipes are a particularly popular bathroom remodeling trend, exposed plumbing under the sink is also becoming more popular. If that’s what your customer wants, you can find SharkBite supply stops in a chrome or nickel finish so the exposed fixtures will blend well with the bathroom’s aesthetic.

2. Bathroom Fixture Installation Kits

If you're replacing a faucet, toilet, tub or shower, you can quickly complete the swap with SharkBite installation kits, which save you the time of collecting all the separate parts necessary for an installation. The connectors in the faucet and toilet installation kits combine a push-to-connect supply stop with a Click Seal® connector for a quick and secure one-piece solution that replaces the supply lines and fixtures. Fixtures that could be exposed after installation come in optional finishes for a sleek appearance.

If you’re remodeling a shower or tub, the SharkBite shower / tub connection kit comes with everything you need — from adapters to elbows — to get a shower or tub installed and running. You can also proactively install a shower diverter on the inlets of the shower valve so if there are ever any future repairs, they won’t require water to the whole house to be shut off.

Need something that’s not in the kit? You can still get all the components separately through SharkBite distributors.

Trend to know: Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Undermount bathroom sinks are a current standard for bathroom remodels and make cleaning a breeze for homeowners. However, these are more difficult to install than drop-in sinks. Keep in mind that the bottom of an undermount sink is usually about an inch or so lower than a drop-in model and may require more finessing to align supply lines and stop valves. SharkBite’s installation kits can provide easy connections to water supply once the undermount sink is sealed.

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3. Thermostatic Mixing Valves

The bathroom is one of the most relaxing places in the house. Comfort is key, which is why the ideal shower or bath temperature is so important.

With the HG110-D thermostatic mixing valve, your customers get the perfect temperature for relaxation every time. The actuated mixing valve blends hot water with cold to deliver water at a controlled and safe temperature while also increasing the amount of available hot water. With a pre-setting of 120° F and the ability to set water temperature anywhere between 85°-130° F, the TMV allows homeowners to set the water temperature to their liking while preventing scalding. This is a great product to recommend for a remodel, and because the installation process is as quick as other SharkBite installations, it won't slow you down.

Fact to know: TMVs to Keep Kids Safe from Scalding

Many parents are worried about scalding — and rightly so. The greatest number of pediatric burn patients are infants and toddlers younger than 3 who are burned by scalding liquids, according to Johns Hopkins. If remodeling a bathroom that kids will mostly be using, you can recommend installing a TMV at their sink or shower fixtures to control the water temperature for their specific bathroom.

4. PEX Pipes and Push-to-Connect Fittings

When completing a bathroom remodel, water lines might need to be moved around and adjusted. SharkBite push-to-connect fittings and PEX pipe can help you quickly adjust the plumbing system to meet the remodel’s demands.

Ideal for remodeling, SharkBite brass push and ProLock™ are compatible with multiple pipe types, making it easy to transition to and from your preferred pipe. And SharkBite PEX pipe is flexible, meets the highest chlorine resistance standards and is more resistant to corrosion and freezing than rigid pipes like copper, giving your customers a little more peace of mind about their plumbing system’s reliability.

Trend to know: Copper-to-PEX Transitions

As exposed plumbing becomes more popular, homeowners are pushing pros to use copper pipe under the sink and in fixtures. But that doesn’t mean you have to use copper everywhere. Save time and help the homeowner save on cost by switching from copper to PEX once you hit the rough-in section of the remodel. SharkBite push-to-connect fittings and PEX pipe can help you quickly transition so that customers get the aesthetic they want without the high price of using copper behind the wall.

More Plumbing Solutions for Efficient Remodeling

These are just a few options to help you increase the efficiency of your bathroom plumbing remodel job and leave customers satisfied with a beautiful bathroom. Explore all the solutions available for this application on our remodel page.

You can also dive into recommendations for kitchen remodels if that’s on the horizon for your customer too.

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