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EvoPEX Copper Stub-Out

Copper stub-out with integrated cap allows for easy installation during rough-in and immediate pressure testing. Brass machines to PEX dimensions allow for the EvoPEX™ elbow to connect to the stub-out. Simply cut the bullet and attach the necessary supply stop to finish the installation. Green visual indicator lets you know when PEX tubing is inserted to the proper depth and reduces the risk of installation errors. Available with and without bracket.

Features and benefits:
  • Optional EvoPEX 90° Elbow and / or bracket available.
  • Green visual indicator shows PEX pipe is inserted to the proper depth
  • Approved for behind-the-wall applications with no access panels.
  • Made in USA.
  • 25-year system warranty when used with SharkBite PEX pipe.
  • Patent pending.

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