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SharkBite EvoPEX Plumbing System Overview

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SharkBite’s push-to-connect plumbing system has been in use worldwide for more than 20 years, improving performance and saving time. Over 250 million fittings have been installed in residential and commercial repair and remodel applications, resulting in more than 550 million connection points. Now with the EvoPEX™ system, SharkBite expands into new construction applications. One system, from one manufacturer, from meter to fixture.

EvoPEX System Overview

Single-source Provider

The EvoPEX plumbing system extends beyond the traditional pipe-and-fittings systems to include stub-outs, supply stops, valves, PEX pipe and other accessories needed for a complete install. Having a single-source manufacturer provides compatibility, peace of mind, quality and a dependable 25-year system warranty. Other plumbing systems and methods require special tools or techniques, such as soldering, crimping or gluing. But with EvoPEX, no special tools are required. No solder, no glue and no risk of leaks from fittings that were not crimped or pressed correctly.

Increased Efficiency

Plumbing an entire home with EvoPEX optimizes install times, complies with schedules and minimizes installation errors or potential water leaks. The fittings can even be rotated after installation for quick alignment and further optimization of install time. Even new installers can quickly achieve higher productivity levels.

Quality Assurance & Warranty

EvoPEX fittings are equipped with a green visual indicator that provides assurance to the installer that the pipe has been inserted to the proper depth for a secure and permanent connection.

We stand behind our product, which is why the SharkBite EvoPEX plumbing system comes with a 25-year system warranty and 10-year consequential damage coverage. In addition to the warranty, the green visual indicator provides confidence to the installer and homeowner of a quality product, worry-free installation and lasting performance.