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How To: SharkBite EvoPEX Storage & Handling

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When using the SharkBite EvoPEX system, proper storage and care is essential to ensure a worry-free installation and peace of mind. This prevents leaky connections and weak PEX pipes.

Below are some helpful tips on how to prevent and correct common mistakes.  

 1. Keep EvoPEX fittings clean and free of debris.

Job sites are often active and exposed to various elements, so make sure EvoPEX fittings are stored away from any debris by keeping them in their sealed bags before use. Store leftover fittings in a clean, sealed container such as a toolbox, bucket or storage bin. Whether you store fittings in your truck or shop, always keep them in sealed bags.

Note: Installing dirty fittings may cause leaks, as debris often interferes with the o-ring's ability to secure the connection.  

 2. Rinse dirty fittings.

If fittings get dirty, rinse the fittings thoroughly in a bucket of clean water. Never use solvents or primers to clean fittings.

 3. Avoid UV light exposure.  

EvoPEX fittings and PEX pipes should not be exposed to UV light for longer than 30 days. Be sure to store them indoors until the day of installation. Excessive UV light exposure to PEX pipes will make them brittle and susceptible to burst under pressure.

Note: SharkBite PEX pipes have the highest UV Resistance Rating (Level 3 for 6-month UV Resistance).

Following these procedures will help ensure your EvoPEX connections are secure and long-lasting.  


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