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How To: Install SharkBite PEX-A Expansion Fittings

Watch How to Install PEX-a Expansion Fittings on YouTube.

SharkBite PEX-a expansion fittings are best used to accommodate expansions and contractions in aboveground pipe installations when temperature levels exceed normal levels. Its flexibility and elastic memory makes PEX-a tubing ideal for this kind of installation.

How to Install SharkBite PEX-a Expansion Fittings

  1. Shut off the water supply to the work area and open a nearby faucet until water stops flowing to relieve line pressure.
  2. Make sure the end of the PEX-a tubing is cut square.
  3. Slide your PEX expansion ring over the PEX tubing until one of two things occur: It hangs over the end of your tubing by no more than 1/8 in. or until the shoulder on the ring, if present, touches the tubing.
  4. Before beginning, ensure that the expander head is the correct size for the PEX pipe.
  5. Insert the tool into the pipe and expand it using a manual or cordless expansion tool (the number of expansions will be determined by the tubing size).
  6. Make sure the expander head rotates after each expansion to prevent ridges on the inside of the tubing.
  7. Once the tube has expanded, insert the expansion fitting until it hits the shoulder and allow the PEX to contract around the fitting until secure.
  8. The tubing will tighten around the fitting after a few seconds and secure your connection.

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