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Water Heater Installation (Buford, GA)

water heater install case study

The Challenge: Too Much Time Spent on Water Heater Installations

Installing new water heaters isn’t the most difficult job for an experienced plumber, but it can take a significant amount of the day to complete. Even when Ben Goheen, founder and owner of The Neighborhood Plumber, was called to replace the water heater in a 15-year-old house in Buford, Georgia, he knew the job could take at least four to five hours of his time. That’s time he could be spending on larger jobs.

Testimonial Video: SharkBite Water Heater Replacement

Plus, customers with busy schedules don’t want contractors coming in and out of the house for an entire morning or afternoon.

“Because of how busy it is, a lot of these homeowners want you in and out as quickly as possible,” said Goheen.

The owner of the house in Buford had just had a baby, so Goheen and his team needed to complete the job quickly to minimize disruptions.

The Solution: Push-to-connect Fittings That Cut the Job Time in Half

flex connector install

SharkBite literally cuts the job in half.

Ben Goheen, owner and founder of The Neighborhood Plumber

Using SharkBite’s corrugated flexible connectors, Goheen and his team were able to install the water heater in half the usual time and eliminate the need for extra fittings. While they were getting the old water heater ready to drain, some of the shut-off valves wouldn’t turn off. To work around the issue, they cut them out and replaced them with SharkBite ball valves.

During the water heater replacement, Goheen also installed a Cash Acme Tank Booster to give the customer access to more hot water without increasing the tank size. Tank Booster also helps reduce scalding because it mixes cold water with the stored water in the tank to temper it down and deliver it to a safe, comfortable temperature at outlets.

With the installation complete, Goheen’s team could service other customers sooner.

“SharkBite literally cuts the job in half,” said Goheen.

Project Highlights

  • Cut a four- to five-hour installation in half.
  • Increased hot water availability to the customer.
  • Minimized customer inconvenience to homeowner with faster installation.