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Testimonial: Universal Plumbing Finds SharkBite Fittings Reliable

Tim Redd has been a plumber for 28 years. He works with Larry Jones, Owner and President of Universal Plumbing, Inc. They were updating a bathroom in Augusta, Georgia, changing wall fixtures and plumbing pipes from copper over to PEX. As they were making those updates, they elected to use SharkBite fittings.

“It saves me a lot of time and effort,” Tim explained. “It’s a lot easier than having us try to get in a tight space and solder, or a lot of times your crimpers won’t fit in the walls, so you can just do a push connect fitting, and it goes right together really nice.” 

Larry was skeptical at first, wondering how reliable SharkBite fittings are compared to plumbing traditional methods. He changed his mind as soon as they began using them. 

“It’s efficient. It’s safe and it’s quality,” said Larry. “All our employees are equipped with SharkBite fittings. The best product that we’ve had, as far as connectivity, is SharkBite. I’m very difficult to convince, and I’m convinced.” 

SharkBite fittings have proven themselves to be reliable.

Larry Jones, Owner and President of Universal Plumbing, Inc.

Watch the full story below to learn more about SharkBite’s applications and reliability on the job.