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Testimonial: Universal Residential Remodel

Watch Testimonial: SharkBite Universal Residential Renovation on YouTube.

It is one of the greatest tools. It is one of the greatest money makers. It is one of the greatest time savers that we've had introduced to us. I'm totally blown away by Shark Bike fittings.

Larry Jones, Owner and President of Universal Plumbing, Inc.

In SharkBite We Trust

SharkBite fittings have become a staple in all Universal Plumbing jobs including residential remodeling projects. The featured project is a 1950s home remodel focused on updating wall fixtures and plumbing pipes to PEX.

Larry Jones, owner and president of Universal Plumbing, keeps customer satisfaction the main priority in all aspects of his business. As a plumber, Jones believes that SharkBite’s most valuable attribute is its ease of connectivity; it is one of the main reasons why all Universal Plumbing service trucks are solely stocked with SharkBite fittings.

Jones was skeptical about SharkBite products until he tested them for himself. “The guys came in one day and said ‘there's a new product out called SharkBite that made the connections easier’. I was not really sold on it initiative until we used it,” said Jones. He was instantly sold on its efficiency, safety, and quality. Gone are the days when Jones’ plumbers squeeze into tight spaces to solder.

"SharkBite fittings have proven to be reliable. In the years that I've used SharkBite, we've yet to have one fail. They've always served us well in what we've done," said Jones.