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Testimonial: Townhouse Renovation Water Heater Replacement with SharkBite & Cash Acme

Watch Testimonial: Townhouse Renovation Water Heater Replacement with SharkBite & Cash Acme on YouTube.

My name is Bryan Raines and I'm a project manager with AMO LLC.  

We are currently at Kingswood Apartments in Kings Mountain, North Carolina renovating 48 units here. We do eight units a day, so eight water heaters and eight kitchen sinks. Everything is occupied, so we start at 8:00 am and have to get everything done by five or six every evening.  

SharkBite fittings allow us to install fixtures fast and make connections to existing pipes very rapidly. We also use SharkBite tank boosters on all our 30-gallon heaters. We bump it up to 140, which gives them about 48 gallons of working hot water.

On these projects, scheduling is everything. We don't have time to go back and fix leaks. A lot of these units are in very confined spaces, so we don't have room to open up walls and get back to the pipes. We rely on the SharkBite couplings to make our transitions so we can install our fixtures.

  It's a product we can rely on to come through for us every day, and that's what we like about SharkBite products.

We chose SharkBite PEX because when we cut it, it cuts straight. It's a more rigid PEX than some of the other products we use, so we get a very clean, straight cut with it. We put it in, install it correctly, and don't have any issues.  

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We've been using the 18 in. SharkBite water heater connection hoses for 10 plus years now. When you've got it in your hand and you're installing it, you can tell the difference in quality. It's a better made product and the reliability is just unquestionable. Anybody that doesn't believe it, I would say, install one and you'll be able to tell right away.