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SharkBite Max Animation

Watch See What’s Inside SharkBite Max on YouTube.

SharkBite Max is the next generation of push-to-connect fittings from SharkBite.

The same quality, craftsmanship and warranty of the original SharkBite fittings, but with even more benefits to make your jobs faster and more reliable than ever.

SharkBite Max features a reinforced stainless steel collar for superior strength and durability. SharkBite has leveraged years of push-to-connect fitting design and manufacturing experience to reduce the insertion effort by half, all while also doubling the burst pressure strength.

When it comes to transitioning pipe types or adding on to an existing project, SharkBite Max is the top choice for plumbing professionals since it retains the ability to transition multiple pipe types like PEX, copper, CPVC and PE-RT pipes. SharkBite Max requires no specialty tools, soldering or glue, and it can be installed on wet lines, making it the ideal choice for repairs in tight spaces.

While others are trying to dry wet pipes or wait for glue to dry before pressure testing, you can move on to your next job or connection and trust SharkBite is holding strong.

As with all SharkBite Plumbing Systems. SharkBite Max comes with our standard 25-year warranty, when properly prepped and installed. Using SharkBite Max is fast, efficient, and reliable, and yet again, Nothing Beats the Shark.