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SharkBite is Stronger Together with Essential Skilled Tradespeople

Watch Stronger Together with Essential Skilled Tradespeople | SharkBite Plumbing on YouTube.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pros had to adapt their workflow quickly. Hear from plumbers like Marlon, Daniel Fuentes and Doug about their experiences as essential workers throughout the pandemic and how SharkBite has helped them stay safe on the job.

Put in the Work

While much of the world was out of work or working remotely, plumbers and other skilled tradespeople still worked onsite during the pandemic. As noted by a featured plumber, pros were happy to be able to go to work and learned to keep their site safe for everyone. One plumber explained that he took precautions by keeping a distance between customers and himself.  

SharkBite push-to-connect fittings also helped plumbers make installations faster so they could get in and out of people’s houses more quickly. Many plumbers were optimistic even through the pandemic by appreciating being home at a reasonable hour and enjoying a little more time off.


  We're trying to stay safe and it's great that a product like SharkBite gets us out quicker.


Stronger Together  

The pandemic was not easy for anyone, and plumbers understood this as they served as essential workers. Throughout the pandemic, plumbers saw the importance of working together as a society to stay safe, remain positive, and keep going.

We'll get through all this, and we'll be stronger on the other side.