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How To: Use the SharkBite Removal Tool

Benefits of the SharkBite Fitting Removal Tool

The SharkBite Fitting Removal Tool will allow your jobs to be fast, efficient, and reliable. 

Previously, a disconnect clip or a tong was required for each fitting size used on the job. Now, plumbers can carry a single SharkBite removal tool to remove brass push SharkBite fittings ranging in sizes from 3/8 in. to 1 in. No interchangeable jaws, faceplates, or screws needed.

  • Its rugged design enables thousands of cycles, and since there are no retaining rings, you get added durability and extended life.
  • The SharkBite Fitting Removal Tool is stamped pipe and fitting on the prongs of the tool to ensure the removal tool is in the proper direction prior to removal.
  • In addition to stamping, the prongs can be differentiated by color, silver for the pipe side and brass for the fitting side.
  • The spring-loaded prongs of this pex disconnect tool will automatically resize to each pipe size from three-eighths inch to one inch.

How to Use the SharkBite Removal Tool

  1. First ensure that the pipe side prong is fully seated onto the pipe and evenly across the release collar while the fitting side of the removal tool is placed above the barrel of the fittings.
  2. Squeeze the removal tool handle until the release collar is fully compressed, then pull the fitting away from the pipe.
  3. Slightly rotating the pipe or fitting may help release the fitting more easily.
  4. If the fitting does not release, remove the tool and reattach it, ensuring the prongs are properly and evenly seated onto the release collar and fitting.