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How To: Repair Leaking Pipes With SharkBite

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Pinhole leaks in copper pipes and frozen pipes can cause stressful water damage for homeowners. As a plumbing pro, it’s mutually beneficial for both you and the homeowner to get in, fix the leaking pipe and get out as quickly as possible.

With SharkBite slip repair couplings, tees and valves, you can remove and repair up to 2 in. of damaged copper and CPVC pipe using a single fitting without additional pipe.

Installing SharkBite Slip Repair Couplings & Fittings

  1. Identify the pipe material. Slip repair fittings will only work with copper or CPVC.
  2. Cut and remove up to two inches of damaged pipe. Be sure the pipe is free of scratches or debris and cut it as cleanly and squarely as possible. If you're working with copper pipe, use your deburr and gauge tool to remove any sharp edges or burrs. Failing to deburr the pipe properly can cause the fitting to fail.
  3. Measure and mark the insertion depth. Using your deburr and gauge tool, measure and mark the proper insertion depth on your pipe.
  4. Make the connection. Slide the slip end of the fitting onto the pipe as far as it will go. The slip end is labeled on each fitting.
  5. Adjust the slip fitting. Using a disconnect clip or disconnect tongs, press the release collar on the slip end and slide the fitting back over the adjoining piece of pipe until you reach the insertion depth mark you made. Be sure not to slide past the depth mark.
  6. Turn on your water and check the connection.

SharkBite provides a range of slip repair fittings, including couplings, tees, adapters, ball valves and pressure regulating valves.


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