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SharkBite Announces EvoPEX - Revolutionary Push-To-Connect System for New Construction


ATLANTA – January 3, 2017 – SharkBite Plumbing Solutions, the premier manufacturer of plumbing and water control systems, has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new push-to-connect plumbing system for new construction called EvoPEX™.

Designed as a PEX pipe system, the EvoPEX plumbing system extends beyond the traditional pipe-and-fitting solutions to be inclusive of fittings, PEX pipe, outlet boxes, valves and other accessories needed to install a complete plumbing system from meter to fixture. Plumbers, installers and building professionals are able to plumb without needing special tools, soldering, crimping or glue. As a result, efficiencies are increased and the risk of installation errors is minimized.

“Most new construction projects use PEX piping, so we wanted to address the specific needs of that market and create a system that not only saves time during the installation process, but also helps prevent installation errors that create potential leaks and callbacks” says Jeff Long, director of global marketing for SharkBite. “We’re excited about the launch of the EvoPEX system: it offers the plumbing trade a means for improving efficiencies beyond traditional pipe joining methods.”

The body of EvoPEX is made from Acudel high-performance polymer, a proven, reliable material for use in potable water systems. It also features a green-colored visual indicator to ensure that the fitting is properly connected, minimizing install errors that cause potential leaks points. “The green indicator allows for peace of mind,” says Long. “It provides assurance that the pipe seal has been permanently engaged and the connection is sound.”

The debut of the EvoPEX system comes at a time where new construction is on the rise. U.S. housing starts predict that nearly 813,000 homes will be built by the end of 2016, according to the 2016 Home Building Outlook released by Metrostudy. With the continued, steady expansion of the industry, forecasts for 2017 are favorable.

Learn more about the new EvoPEX system by SharkBite.