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Using SharkBite for Outdoor Plumbing Installations


Most pros are familiar with how to use SharkBite for remodels and new construction installations within a building, but you can also install SharkBite outside on a range of additional fixtures. Explore how a few SharkBite solutions can improve the speed and appearance of your future outdoor installations and renovations.

Using SharkBite to Connect to Outdoor Piping

If you’re called to repair part of the outdoor plumbing system and encounter piping other than the type you prefer to use, transition fittings will help you switch over to a different pipe type more quickly than traditional pipe transition methods, such as threaded adapters. Or you may be installing a lawn sprinkler system using PVC and need a transition fitting to switch from smaller pipes inside the building to the ones used for the sprinkler system.

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If you’re using PEX, keep in mind that while PEX pipe is approved for underground burial, such as for use in a sprinkler system, it should only be used for temporary applications in exposed outdoor situations.

Using SharkBite for Outdoor Hoses

When installing fixtures for hoses, there are a few options to choose from depending on the needs of the outdoor space, plumbing code requirements and weather demands.

Hose bibbs. Ideal for both new construction and replacement installations, these allow for a garden hose connection from the exterior of the building. SharkBite hose bibbs come in a few options to meet customers’ personal preference, but all feature corrosion-resistant forged brass and a sleek design, including a flange that covers the connection, so it’s not exposed to the elements.

  • Hose bibb options:
  • Multi-turn shutoff, which allows for throttling.
  • Quarter-turn shutoff, which allows for a strict on-off switch.
  • 90-degree design.
  • 45-degree design to prevent hose kinking.

Vacuum breakers. SharkBite hose bibbs are compatible with vacuum breakers from sister company Cash Acme. In the event of backpressure or back-siphonage, these devices help stop water from moving backward through the plumbing system, decreasing the chances of contamination. Plumbing code in many areas require vacuum breakers, so check with your local jurisdiction on backflow prevention requirement and devices.

Garden valves. These are perfect for situations when customers want another hose in addition to the one attached to the hose bibb on the side of the building. These corrosion-resistant brass garden valves are designed to be mounted outside and control water flow coming from a garden hose connection.

Frost-free sillcocks. Another option for garden hoses, frost-free sillcocks protect the hose valve from freezing conditions with stems of various lengths that keep the shut-off insulated at the inlet of the valve stem. They also come with an integral vacuum breaker and a spring-loaded check valve as an extra safety feature to prevent potential back pressure that could cause contaminated water flowing back into the main line.

Using SharkBite for Outdoor Fixtures

Some SharkBite solutions used for indoor installations can also be used on the same fixtures outside. A versatile plumbing solution, push-to-connect fittings can be exposed outside, but if they are going in the ground, they must be wrapped with an impermeable material. For more specific outdoor fixtures, you have a few options as well.

Outdoor sinks. For an all-in-one package with everything you need for the initial install or remodel of an outdoor sink, the SharkBite faucet installation kit saves you time on collecting all the separate parts necessary for an installation. Choose from a push-to-connect angle or straight stop that comes in a polished chrome finish for a professional and attractive appearance if the stops are exposed.

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Another quick option is the Click Seal® Push-To-Connect Faucet Connector. This one-piece connector combines a 1/2 in. push-to-connect stop valve and a flexible hose with a Click Seal® faucet connector, which makes an audible click to indicate that a secure connection is made.

Outdoor showers. Get all the components you need to install an outdoor shower, too, with the shower/tub connection kit. This kit comes equipped with the appropriate brass push connectors and elbows to get the job done quickly.

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