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Fix Frozen Pipes with SharkBite


SharkBite’s push-to-connect plumbing system is an efficient frozen pipe repair solution that saves time, money and headaches.

It’s not unusual to experience a burst water pipe during winter, especially in “deep freeze" weather, when temperatures can hit below freezing. Not to be taken lightly, frozen pipes can cause major problems, including water damage or loss of water.

SharkBite helps fix frozen pipes with no special tools, glue or solder required. Our versatile push-to-connect system works with virtually any size residential water pipe for efficient and convenient burst pipe repair. In addition, our products meet standard plumbing codes and are suitable for permanent connections.

Just cut, push, done!

Couplings– Easily connect new sections of pipe that may have been damaged due to freezing.

Slip Couplings– Slip couplings lock onto frozen pipes for an efficient repair of small frozen pipe breaks.

PEX Tubing– Paired with the SharkBite push-to-connect system, our PEX tubing not only provides a permanent fix for larger breaks, but its unique markings act as a visual aid for quicker repairs.

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