Reduced Branch & Run Tees

SharkBite Reduced Branch & Run Tee 22mm x 15mm x 15mm
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Simply connect 2 unequal pipe sizes and create a additional 15mm branch

SharkBite brass push-fit reduced run tee are tough, withstanding high temperature and pressure. The brass push-fit reduced run tee fitting is designed connecting 2 unequal pipe sizes and connecting a 3rd additional 15mm pipe from the branch connection.

Made from DZR brass its sleek design means they also look good in front of wall applications too. Using a simple push-fit action, SharkBite uses a stainless steel grab and O-Ring seal to provide a safe secure connection.

SharkBite is suitable for plastic pipe (with inserts) and copper pipe, and can be easily demounted and reused.

Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy to install in both wet or dry conditions
  • Repairs can be made in seconds, saving considerable time verses traditional pipe fittings
  • Heat/flux free installation is ideal for use where flame jointing is not permitted
  • No need for expensive tools
  • Quick and easy to demount
  • Instantly reusable time and time again
  • Incorporates in-built pipe guidance for superior O-Ring protection
  • Pre-lubricated O-Ring
  • Electronically continuous, meaning no further earth bonding is required
  • Made from low-leaded brass
  • Suitable for hot and cold and central heating systems
  • Compatible with plastic pipe (with inserts) and copper pipe


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionSize mmSize mmSize mmQuantity per bagAccreditations
SB03221515SharkBite Reduced Branch & Run Tee 22mm × 15mm × 15mm2215155