DZR Brass Valves

Fast, simple and reliable push-fit DZR brass valves for plumbing and heating.

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SharkBite offers an extended range of push-fit DZR brass valves to complement our core fittings. Using the same push-fit technology, our push-fit DZR brass valves make connecting appliances quick and simple, and repair and maintenance jobs easy too.

Installed without tools or hot works, we offer are range of push-fit ball valves, appliance valves, service valves, double check valve, as well as stop cocks and drain cocks. DZR brass and chrome-plated options available.

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SharkBite Appliance Valve 15mm

Appliance Valves

Fast to connect appliance service valve that allows isolation of supply without tools
SharkBite Service Valve 15mm

Service Valves

Durable brass service valve that allows isolation of appliance's supply for maintenance
SharkBite Stop Cock 15mm

Stop Cocks

Reliable and secure 'screw-down' type mains stop valve
SharkBite Drain Cock 15mm

Drain Cocks

Allows fast drain down of a system supply when installed at the lowest point