SharkBite Air Slip Connector

SharkBite Air Slip Coupling 15mm
SharkBite Air Slip Coupling 35mm
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Repairs damaged pipe easily, particularly in confined spaces, slip end allows flexible adjustment

SharkBite Air brass push-fit air & pneumatics slip connector designed as a fast a simple solution for repairing damaged pipe. Simply cut out the section that is damaged, the fitting has a slip connection which allows for the pipe to be moved within the fitting to allow for small or large section replacement. The slimline metal push-fit air and pneumatics fitting provides a fast, secure and heat-free pipework connection which is suitable for small to large industrial applications.

The SharkBite Air Slip Connector is compatible with SharkBite Anodised Aluminium Pipe as well as powdered coated aluminium, copper, PEXa and nylon pipes. The fitting can be easily disconnected and is re-usable.

This selection of connectors connects pipe with SharkBite’s quick and simple cut – push – done operation.

Features and benefits

  • Push-fit connection ends
  • Engineered brass body
  • Nitrile O-Ring and stainless steel grab ring
  • 18-20 bar pressure rating
  • Secure demounting tool
SKUDescriptionModelSize mmQuantity per bagQuantity per box
SBA01S15SharkBite Air Slip Connector 15mm1510170
SBA01S22SharkBite Air Slip Connector 22mm22580
SBA01S28SharkBite Air Slip Connector 28mm28540
SBA01S35ESharkBite Air Slip Connector 35mmUXL35112
SBA01S42ESharkBite Air Slip Connector 42mmUXL42110
SBA01S54ESharkBite Air Slip Connector 54mmUXL5416