SharkBite Air Pipe Clips

SharkBite Air Pipe Clip Spacer 10mm black
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Spacer allows for larger bodied fittings/valves to be clipped back correctly

SharkBite Air Pipe Clip is used to fix push-fit air & pneumatics pipes to a wall or partition safely and securely. The spacer block is available for larger valves to be adequately clipped.

This option uses a screw to secure in place. When pipes are required to cross over, a SharkBite Air Pipe Spacer can be added to the clip. If pipework needs to be insulated, the spacer will give room for any lagging to be applied.

Features and benefits

  • Self closing design
  • Rigid design for reliable secure pipe clipping
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SBA0855310SharkBite Air Pipe Clip Spacer 10mm Black1010
SBA0855510SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 10mm10100
SBA0855515SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 15mm15100
SBA0855518SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 18mm18100
SBA0855522SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 22mm2250
SBA0855531SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 28mm2850
SBA0855538SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 35mm3525
SBA0855542SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 42mm4225
SBA0855554SharkBite Air Pipe Clips 54mm5415