SharkBite Demounting Tongs

SharkBite Disconnecting Tongs 10mm
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Allows fast disconnection of pipework from SharkBite fittings

SharkBite Demounting Tongs are an alternative solution to our SharkBite Combination Depth Markers. Simply clip the smaller tong notch onto the pipe, and the larger tong notch onto the body of SharkBite fitting and squeeze to release.

The durable stainless steel design makes this tool perform time and time again in the toughest of working environments.

Features and benefits

  • Durable stainless steel design
SKUDescriptionSize mmQuantity per bag
SB3010SharkBite Demounting Tongs 10mm101
SB3015SharkBite Demounting Tongs 15mm151
SB3022SharkBite Demounting Tongs 22mm221
SB3028SharkBite Demounting Tongs 28mm281