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How To: Calibrate the PEX Copper Crimp Tool

Watch SharkBite PEX Copper Crimp Calibration on YouTube.

SharkBite offers a range of PEX barb fittings in both lead-free brass and Acudel polymer. To make sure your connections are secure, you must first properly calibrate your tools.

The SharkBite PEX crimp tool is designed to compress copper crimp rings to secure PEX to barb fittings. The tool is available in sizes from 3/8 – 2 in. to fit various installation needs. A Go/No-Go gauge is included with your tool for testing your connections and tool calibration.

Checking Calibration

Your tool is properly calibrated if the “Go” gap slides over the connection and the “No-Go” gap stops at the connection. It’s not properly calibrated if neither gap slides over the connection. If this happens, here is how to properly calibrate your tool.

How to Calibrate Your PEX Crimp Tool

  1. Open and close the PEX crimp tool handles gently until the jaws touch.
  2. Check the space between both handles of the tool with a ruler. The proper range is 8-1/4 – 8-3/4 in. wide.
  3. To calibrate the tool, remove the eccentric set screw.
  4. After screw is removed, push the eccentric up and turn it to adjust the handle width. Make sure to check the width as you adjust.
  5. Tighten the eccentric set screw until it is secure and perform a test connection.

After this, your PEX crimp tool is properly calibrated. Double check the test connection with the Go/No-Go gauge. If the connection fails, restart the steps for calibration.

Now you’re ready to install. Watch more: How To: Install PEX Crimp Clamp Fittings


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