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Testimonial: Peter Joseph Uses SharkBite Max for Residential Plumbing Jobs

Watch Peter Joseph Uses SharkBite Max for Residential Plumbing Job on YouTube.

About Two7 Plumbing

My name is Peter Joseph. I own and operate Two7 Plumbing. It's a small little local company based in Newnan, Georgia, and we do residential plumbing service work. I grew up in the industry, so my dad's a plumber, I'm a second generation plumber. Running toilets, leaky faucets - I'll fix those. You got a leak in your water piping, I'll fix that. Replace hose spigots, water heaters, things of that nature.

Eventually. I started my own business back in 2017. I've been operating for about five years now and loving every moment of it.

Installing a Hose Spigot with SharkBite Max

Today we're running a new hose spigot to the rear part of the yard. We'll just give better access to watering the plants in that location. The house is plumbed with CPVC right now. We're gonna take a SharkBite Max fitting, transition over to PEX piping and run PEX piping to our hose spigot.

SharkBite Max vs. Other Systems

Easier to use. I like using SharkBite Max over other systems because it is quicker, it is easier to install, easier on your back, easier when you're in areas where you don't have much leverage.

Smoother connections. They push on a lot simpler than other products do, and they're just a good all-around choice to avoid having to use chemicals and glue and things of that nature.

More durable. They're made to be more durable. They're made to higher pressure specifications and ratings, and I like using something that I know I can trust to last for a long time.

Wider range of products. The great thing about SharkBite Max is they come in a wide range of fittings and products, so you're able to have a large assortment of fittings to make a complete cohesive system. They make tees, couplings, 90s, ball valves, water heater supply lines, stops, you name it.

I enjoy being able to go to multiple places a day and not stay on one job for too long a period of time. I enjoy being able to take a problem that's existent, when I show up and fix it and make it something awesome when I leave.

Try SharkBite Max

Peter Joseph has been using SharkBite products for about 15 years. Try SharkBite Max today and see what it feels like put a product in, trust it's going to last, and walk away.

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